Helge R U Naarstad

Helge Naarstad has put his mark on many of the most famous ships in the world today. It started with the idea of converting the SS France, an Atlantic Liner into the SS Norway – a cruise-ship that would change the cruise-industry forever. As president of Norwegian Caribbean Cruise Line, he introduced the new mega trend in cruise-ships.


SS Norway

He then created the most luxurious cruise-product in the form of two small yacht-cruisers, named Sea Goddess I and II, invented the all inclusive concept, along with a lot of new developments in the dining and entertainment area. These ships still competes for the most discriminating passengers. He founded the company Norske Cruise and its daughter company Sea Goddess Cruises, and operated the ships for 3 years as an owner and then for another 10 years for the Cunard Cruise Line.


The World

He also developed the sailing cruiseships for the Finnish shipyard, Wartsila. These ships were built for other owners. He contributed in the creation of The World of ResidenSea, a ship consisting of condominiums, cruising around the world, where he assisted in the development of the total concept, and was responsible for formulating the club concept and the marketing platform.


Sea Goddess Life

Helge Naarstad draws on his experience as a cruiseindustry executive as well as an avid and experienced yachtsman. He has owned and competed in several classes of competion sailingboats, ranging from the Dragon class to one-off ocean racing yachts.


Lovely Lady

Helge Naarstad  is active in sports, mostly sailing, golfing and cross-country skiing. He has crossed the icecap of Greenland twice.Helge Naarstad has lent his time to boardrooms across the world, ranging from the Wilderness Organization to Trafalgar House. His interest is where he can utilize his experience in startups of new ventures, where his visionary and creative mind is set to use.


Helge Naarstad lives with his family in Oslo, Norway, but spends  time in Spain, when not engaged in projects elsewhere.